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Spooks Season Four

Kudos Film & Television
10 x 60 min. episodes
BAFTA Nominated for Best Drama Series
Director(s) Antonia Bird, Alrick Riley, Jeremy Lovering, Omar Madha, Julian Simpson
Writer(s) Ben Richards, Howard Brenton, Raymond Khoury, David Farr, Rupert Walters
Producer(s) Jane Featherstone, Simon Crawford Collins, Lucy Richer, Andrew Woodhead
With Rupert Penry-Jones, Peter Firth, Raza Jaffrey, Nicola Walker, Olga Sosnovska, Miranda Raison

Spooks’ secret agents are back on superb form in this enthralling fourth season. It’s a drama that’s packed with twists and turns, clever characterisation, conspiracies and a generous dollop of intrigue. The Spooks of the title are counter-terrorism spies, living in a constant world of danger, and some of the edgy plotlines of this and the seasons that preceded it are testament to that.

The opening two-part episode introduces two new characters to the season, Zafar Younis (Raza Jaffrey), and Juliet Shaw (Anna Chancellor). The storyline involves a terrorist bombing central London, something that, in reality, took place on 7 July, two months prior to the airing but after the filming was already complete. After the minor criticisms levelled at season three, this fourth season jumps back into action, and quickly exceeds expectations. Inevitable comparisons to 24 ensue, but the beauty of Spooks is that it has enough verve and enough ideas to carve out a niche all of its own.